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Links to all of our magical friends!

Here is where we will be listing all of our wonderful friends who love and support us. If you would like to be included here, just email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please include a description of what you do.

The Newburgh and cornwall witchess Meetup

The largest pagan meetup group in Orange County! A place where spiritualy minded people can come together to discuss, meet, make friends and celebrate together (all ages).


The Wiches Voice


The best in NeoPagan news & Networking!

Elizabeth Muise

brid's closet-elizabeth muiseTribal Belly Dancing, Artist, Photographer,performer!

brid's closet-judika illesJudika Illes is a spell collector, fortune teller, psychic practitioner and spirit worker, certified aromatherapy consultant, independent scholar, writer and teacher. Write of many books on spells,magic & witchcraft! brid's closet-isaac bonewitsIsaacBonewits has been a mover and a shaker in the NeoPagan community for over 35 years! Author, teacher, Druid priest, scholar, Tarot reader, good friend, bard & polytheologian!


Dorothy Morrisson

brid's closet-dorothy morrissonDorothy Morrisson is a very well know author of many books on magic, pagan holidays, a fiction writer, tarot reader, teacher and all around sassy lady!

brid's closet-cosmic candy

Cosmic Cotton Candy! Please visit my brand new Myspace cotton candy page where you can view lots of info on my 'Cosmic Cotton Candy' business! I am the owner and operator and am available for events and parties!

 Adopt your very best friend today! Support your local SPCA!
The Animal Rescue Site

Brid's Closet-Sue deshchindn

This is the lovely lady who edits all of my articles. Take a look at her website & see what she can do for you!