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Brid's Closet incense products!

Incense-sticks, resins, herbs, oils and powders.

brid's closet-herbsbrids closet-incense burnerbrid's closet-brass incense burnerWe have many burners to choose from! Wood, brass and soapstone! We also have charcoal for burning loose incense or resins.

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We have a wonderful selection of incense (stick and all natural resins) in many scents and a huge selection of "magical" intent scents available for your specialized needs. If there is something "special" that you require, feel free to call us and let us help you.

Sacred Spirit incense, Zen incense, individual sticks, loose incense, burners, charcoal, resins such as Frankencense, Copal, Dragonsblood, Myrrh, 3 kings, Amber and many, many more!

We have the finest quality White Ceremonial Sage smudge sticks, loose sage, Sweetgrass and Copal! Our Brid's Closet line of incenses & oils are handmade for us.

I will glady ship any of our products to you! Please call or email us to place your order or if you have any questions about any of our products!

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Handmade Goddess oils-Hecate by Bernadette

Handmade oils-Sage by Bernadette

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