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Reiki sessions are avalable by appointment:

$45 for a half hour session

$85 for a one hour session

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This is a partial list of the presenters that have taught classes at Brid's Closet!

Dorothy Morrison

Lilith Dorsey

Isaac Bonewits

Phaedra Bonewits

Raven & Stephanie Grimassi

Christopher Penczak

Judika Illes

Janet Farrar

Gavin Bone

Kenny Klein

Jason Mankey

Courtney Weber

Lori Bruno

Oseaana December




Welcome to Brid's Closet

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Brid's Closet is a place where you can come to relax, have a cup of tea, have a tarot reading done,get a message, have a reiki session, take a class, and of course shop for Books, herbs, belly dancing outfits,candles, organic soap, perfumed oils, bath salts, tons of jewelry, tarot decks, incense, art and more! Can't decide what to buy? We have gift certificates!

About us!

Brid's Closet moved into the Cornwall area in the summer of '07. Since then, we've expanded the store and brought in many different types of classes and tons of stock in order to serve our diverse community!

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Join our Meetup group!

Come and join our meetup group (free to join)! This is a monthly group that meets to socialize, dicuss and learn from one another! This group is extremly diverse and relaxed. It's a great way to get to understand just what it that we do! When you join, you will be kept up to date as to any classes, events and gatherings at the store. You will also get emails to remind you of any of these events !


Brid's Closet's 7th Annual Beltane Festival!

May 3rd 2014 at 9am until 6pm

at Palaia Vineyards!

20 Sweet Clover Road, Highland Mills NY 10930

Come dressed in your Renaissance, Pirate, or creative best!

Workshops, Music and shopping from over 40 vendors! Surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson Valley! This is an all ages event!

$20 per person, under 12 free!

multiple tickets


Reiki Bridscloset

The Usui method of Reiki by Bernadette Montana

Reiki 2 intensive class

Date March 28th At Brid's Closet @ 6pm

Class includes all handouts and attunements. Scanning,

$175 for meetup members... Class will include all handouts, attunements, and symbols. This class is very hands on! We will be practicing on one another, meditating and working on how to use Reiki on animals, plants etc. Class will approx. 4 to 5 hrs. including breaks.

This class is very hands on! We will be practicing on one another, meditating


Reiki III intensive Class $250:

Date to be announced
This is the Masters class. Class will include all handouts, the Master symbol,

Please bring a message/Reiki table if you have one.

Reservations are required. Please call the shop for info.

(845) 458-8726 ..


Brid's Closet Lilith Dorsey candle

Part 1

Los Guerreros :Warriors of the Soul

1 1/2 hr class

This class will explore the Santeria Warrior gods

Eleggua, Ogun and Ochosi, traditionally referred to as the Guerreros.

They function as a divine trinity to remove obstacles, clear paths and guide followers towards their ultimate destination.

Participants will learn altar set up, appropriate chants & traditional offerings.

Part 2

1 1/2 hr class

Warrior Goddesses and Queens of Africa and Beyond

An exciting look at both the ancient and modern warrior queens,

priestesses and goddesses of Africa and the New World. Discover the real Amazons and Zulu queens that grace Africa’s exciting history. Oshun, the goddess of love, Yemaya the mother goddess who gently guides us down the proper path, LaSirene, Haitian Vodou's siren of the sea, and others will be explored.

Try and make this one..lots of information for a very reasonable price!

Biography Lilith Dorsey M.A. , hails from many magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I., New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo . Lilith Dorsey is a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly , filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation, author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism and The African-American Ritual Cookbook, and choreographer for jazz legend Dr. John's "Night Tripper" Voodoo Show. She believes ritual should be fun and innovative, and to that end she led the first ever Voodoo Zombie Silent Rave Ritual in July 2013, complete with confused Thriller flash mob.



Tarot readings are available, 6 days a week, in store or phone.

Half hour readings are $45,1 hour readings are $85. We are available for parties, weddings, psychic parties, and corporate gatherings Please call us for details!

We have a huge selection of Tarot decks for sale!

brid's closet-tarot deck brid's closet-moon garden tarot

brid'scloset-quick and easy tarot deckbrid's closet-hanson roberts tarot deck

Brid's Closet was featured in a video for Montster TV Network! Have a peek!

brid's closet psychic faire



Introduction to Spellcraft...Part 1 with Courtney Weber

Introduction to Spellcraft...Part 1

2 Hour Class Saturday, March 15

2:00-4:00 p.m.

$25 advance/$30 at door or $40 for both classes

The art of Spellcraft involves making a commitment to yourself and to your immediate world that you are ready for a change. Be it in love, work, or any other variety of things--Spellcraft awakens us to opportunities through delicious synchronicity. The practice of Spellcraft can restore balance and order to what was previously chaotic and remove the obstacles that hold us back from success and happiness. Most of all, it leaves us with better focus and presence in our lives and relationships. This first of two-part series will define the four basic aspects and three necessary components of Spellcraft.  We’ll also discuss best times to do a spell…and best times to avoid a spell! Learn the basics and you’ll cast forever! No previous experience is necessary, but even seasoned Spellcasters will gain a great deal from this intense, detailed class!

If possible..bring a folding chair with you...I believe that this class will sell quickly and I would like to make sure that there is a sear for everyone!


Introduction to Spellcraft
Part 2

with Courtney Weber

Saturday, March 29    2:00-4:00 p.m.

$25 Advance/$30 at door or $40 for both Part 1 and 2

Previous experience with Spellcraft

or the completion of Part 1 helpful

Using the basic energetic techniques taught in the first part of the class, students will have the opportunity to design spells and practice their creation. Class will also include:

~Energetic mechanics of Protection Magick

~Basic components of a Prosperity Spell

~Love Spells: When and how to use them, or avoid them

~Philosophy and Ethics: Using Magick for the Good of All—and what that might mean.

Please bring a folding chair if you can. 

I think that this class will fill up quickly and I want to make sure that there

is a seat for everyone!

Brid's Closet Courtney Weber tarot






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We now have a weekly book club!

Every Saturday Morning from 10am until noon. The book that we are currently working with is Inner Mysteries by Janer Farrar & Gavin Bone $5.00

brid's closet-gold bar


Full Moon


This Month-

wheel-brid's closet

Ostara celebration at Brid's Closet! March 22nd at 6:30

The lovely Miriam will be facilitating this ritual for us!

We will be celebrating the coming of Spring and the Sun Goddess.  Tonight will be a night to get rid of what is holding us back so that we may grow.

Join us for this Sabbath celebrating the Spring Equinox with us!

bring foods that represent the Spring!  Some examples are:  Hot cross buns, Eggs, cheese, Milk products-dairy etc.


As usual..please food and drink to share with one another, on this wonderful day!  All items that are left over much be brought back home with you as we have no way or storing leftovers here


Brid's Closet wheel of the year

brid's closet full moon

We hold open Full Moon celebrations once a month, at Brid's Closet. They are usually held the Friday or Saturday closest to the actual date of the full moon. Please call the shop for any details. We usually ask that you bring food to share, no children under 16, and respectful attire. $5 person

This months full moon will be held on March 15th at 7PM. $5 per person!


An intensive tarot class at Brid's Closet.

Brid's Closet tarot spread

This class will take you from the beginning stages to advanced.  It is a very academic class and will require
 research to be done, homework and dedication.  This will be a 10 week course. 

You will be given an email each week so that you can print out each weeks lesson and homework.  All homework should be handed in to me so that I can grade it.

You will be required to keep a journal for your homework and the results of your readings.
We will be going over Jungian theory and psychology as well as the history of the tarot.  The Golden Dawn, some hermetic theory and symbolism will be discussed.

Cost will be $250.  This breaks down to $25 per class.  I am asking for half that amount upfront $125-that means $125 is due upon registering for this class.  This is done in order to ensure that there will be a good participation in the class.  There will be a max of 10 people for this class!  No refunds once the class has started!

Class will be approx. 1 1/2 hours long.  Please be on time!

Cash or Paypal accepted!

Items needed for this class:

A notebook, a tarot deck and a willingness to learn

Classes for Solitary witches

brid's closet-class star

I have been getting a lot of requests from individuals who want a chance to study the craft but really have no time to devote, to being in a coven.  This is due to lack of time, children, work etc.

What I will be doing for this community, is to have a correspondence course, that will be backed up with bi-weekly video conferencing!  I am really excited about doing this!  I have spoken to many in my community here, many of our elders, and other authors about this, and all seems to really like this idea and will be watching to see how this pans out!

This is what I have so far...

Each student will sign up for a year and a day.  A curriculum will be provided, as well as homework.  We will go over each lesson in a bi-weekly class.  Each class can have up to 12 students (as that is what my video conferencing program is capable of).  With each "video" class, we will go over homework and the lessons based on suggested reading, and research.  Each class will be scheduled ahead of time.

We will also have guest teachers who will give special lectures, again by appointment.  These people may be other authors, elders in our community and/or initiated members of The coven of The Star and Crescent Moon.

The tradition that I belong to, has a 3 degree system. 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The course will bring you up to "self-dedication."
Self dedication" means that you have dedicated yourself to the study of Wiccan and the God and Goddess.

If the individual student wants to achieve their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree, then I take that off-line, with that student and we can make private arrangements for that ceremony, from there.  I do not give out initiations on-line. Once this first series of classes is done, the next series will begin, and then each student will given first choice (remember-only 12 students per session) if they would like to continue their studies.

Cost will be $240 for each "year and a day" course.
This is some (and not limited to) of what will covered in this class:

Required books with homework
Carl Jung (psychology)
Joseph Cambell
The wheel of the year
The elements
Structure of a Coven
Mythology..The Goddess & Gods
Our Elders

$120 (1/2 to be paid up front to reserve your space) then the remaining $120 to be paid by the first class.  No exceptions!  No refunds for any missed classes, but all classes will be archived so each student can refer to them afterwards!  Only 12 students per session.