Beltane/Spring Festival!

A preview of this years Festival!


Open Mon-Sat. 11am-7pm

296 Main Street

Cornwall NY 12518

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Beltane Tickets

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$20 per person/under 12 free!

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Beltane Flyer for 2013

Brid's Closet Beltane flyer 2013

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Bill Diamond

Bill Diamond, creator of Dr. Rock's Dinosaur Adventure and President of Bill Diamond's Productions started over 20 years ago. Bill created the Stuffin Puppets in the late 70's. During that time Bill worked on projects like the road tour of Marlo Thomas' "Free to be You and Me." Bill won a first place award at the Animation Festival in Albany, NY for a short film called "Roscoe, the Cricket." He was also busy working with BOCES Educational Services on a two-year program called "Television for Kids." Bill Diamond

In the early 1980's his interests focused on working with Telecassette Services and NBC on shows like "The Great Space Coaster."

Bill continued producing his own shows with his Stuffin Puppet characters, such as: Bill Diamond's Land of the Moonshins" which later evolved into a comic strip for local newspapers and "Blue Mouse of Mouseville."

The next decade took Bill into more diversified fields. He worked with IBM by utilizing his puppet characters in training films for use in Brazil. He was then commissioned by the State of New York to develop and produce a live show for the "Say No to Drugs Campaign" in which he used his full size 12 foot character, "Stuffy the Dragon."

“Bill Diamond’s Monster TV Network” is his latest project which reunites the classic horror monsters (in puppet form) in their very own show. The show follows the exploits of the monsters as they build their own TV network and produce their own shows.

Bill has an ongoing working relationship with the Westchester Broadway Theatre. He built and operated the puppets for "Little Shop of Horrors" and still performs "Little Shop of Horrors" for theaters and schools up and down the East Coast. Bill created all the masks and make-up for Albert Kopold and Maury Yeston's "Phantom", was Director of Photography for "Singing in the Rain." Bill also Produced and Directed "Dragon, Behind the Legend" a musical employing his life size puppets. All of which were performed at the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

Bill Diamond Productions in a New York based company in the Hudson Valley which has been involved in from almost everything from working on Fragile Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Muppets, Sesame Street, and other productions.  They also have their own wed show - Bill Diamond's Monster TV Network. 

Bill has created and owns over 200 puppet and walk-around characters. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, The Times Herald Record, The Bridgeport Post, and the Mid-Hudson Valley Magazine.


Raven and Stephanie Grimassi

   Join Raven and Stephanie Grimassi for a class on Greenwood Magic & Working with Plant Spirits. Topics include how to communicate with Plant Spirits and how they can aid us.

Lilith Dorsey

Voodoo Myths and Magick
Zombies, voodoo dolls, uncontrollable possessions, hexes, curses and other myths will be debunked and the true magickal nature of this ancient religion will be unraveled in this class. We will see how the sacred tradition has survived and flourished despite centuries of suppression


M.A., hails from many different magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science,Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I., New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria, Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. Lilith Dorsey has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons of her business Branwen’s Pantry, and is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly, filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation, author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism, and most recently choreographer for jazz legend Dr. John’s "Night Tripper" Voodoo Show.


Oseanna December:

Class: Honoring the ancestors

In this class we will explore how the dead is honored throughout the world and how we can incorporate simple rituals and practices into our daily life to give reverence to those that came before. Bio: Oseaana is a Priestess, Professional Spiritual Worker/Rootworker, Energy Worker, Celestial Channel, and Intuitive Reader. She offers spiritual services, classes, and artisan conjure products through her website

 Courtney Weber:

RUNNING IN CIRCLES: FINDING, FOUNDING, FLOURISHING IN A MAGICKAL GROUP. Are you looking to join or start a Coven or Temple? Are you in or running a group and finding lots of questions but few answers? How can you find the right people to work with? How can you best get the word out about your functions? Is there a Magickal way to attract the right influences to your group while keeping out the wrong ones? What is a Group Mind and how can you make it work for your group? Come learn basic guidelines --both Magickal and mundane --for finding and maintaining a healthy Magickal community well as unexpected warnings of things to avoid.


Instructor Courtney Weber is the High Priestess of Novices of the Old Ways and has been working in and leading Magickal groups for nearly a decade. She is the producer and designer of "Tarot of the Boroughs" and the author of " Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess," to be released by Weiser Books in February, 2015.

Tina Vesley:

Messages from the other side!  Ever wonder what spirit has to say? This is a unique way to find out!  Tina is a 6th generation Psychic Medium who will channel messages as needed.

Lynn Martin

Hawk Messenger Workshop

This is a powerful workshop where Hawklyn will speak about hawk as messenger. Hawklyn will speak about her process of combining falconry and spirituality, in conjunction with individual and community healing. Everyone who attends will choose their very own keepsake photo hawk card with a beautiful photo of one of four hawks that they work with that day, along with a description of the hawk’s distinctive personality trait(s). After we have become familiar with the messenger teachings, and have chosen our hawk guides, we will embark on a deep and guided shamanic meditation and become one with our chosen messenger to receive the messages that await us. We will shape shift and become one with this amazing totem. You will leave with tools and guidance that you can call on again and again. Following the workshop Hawklyn will do a meet and greet with her Red tail Hawk Lady Z. Feel her gaze, and sense what she has to tell YOU!


Lynn Martin was born with a great love for the outdoors and an innate need and purpose to help and protect the wild kingdom. As a child she preferred the woods, fields and her own handmade forts in tall Sycamore trees over watching television or material things. She has cared for animals and birds her entire life, and after settling in her current home state, Lynn made it official and became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator by the state of New York in 2005, and a NY and federally licensed falconer in 2009. What uniquely ties all of Lynn’s efforts together is that she has also been a life-long student of spirituality and indigenous cultures. She is a licensed Reiki Master and has studied numerous other healing modalities. Lynn is well known in the Hudson valley and beyond for her unique combination of tying together spiritual practice and raptor work. Bringing together the healing of the winged ones and the two leggeds is a rare and unique teaching.

David C. Snowdeal

Non-Denominational Pagan Leadership

Despite the long, confusing name, Non-Denominational Pagan Leadership is going to be a simple and fun workshop!  This workshop is aimed at current or future leaders of the Pagan or Pagan-friendly communities.  Attendees will receive basic training on how to make public events attractive to a broad range of potential audience members, both new and veteran to the multitude of Pagan faiths.  We will discuss how psychology, anthropology, theology and logistics can blend together to create an Interfaith or Non-Denominational event in this insightful, interactive workshop.  Please bring notebooks as this will be an hour full of definitions, history, networking, and discussions!


David has been studying various branches of metaphysics and mythology for roughly a decade.  His main focus is using both psychology and history to give a grounded, practical perspective on contemporary metaphysics and the pursuit of knowledge.  He is a guest Tarot Reader at Brid's Closet, currently performing Tarot Readings and Dream Analysis.  Forever learning, David is eager for rambling philosophical discussions about anything metaphysically related!

Chandra Concepcion

Introduction to Faery Folk: More than just Tinkerbelle Whenever people speak of Faeries what usually comes to mind are tiny, delicate people with Dragonfly or Butterfly wings who sprinkle glitter wherever they fly; In short, Tinkerbelle. In this introduction we will explore the varied nature of Faery Folk and the ephemeral Land of the Fae. We will also discuss where to find them, the Fae you will most commonly encounter, and how to work with them.  

The Lenormand Revolution has arrived!  Jean Setarah aka "the love witch" will be teaching an introduction to the Lenormand system of cartomancy.
The small cards, used as a divinatory tool, took their name from Mademoiselle Lenormand who grew famous in France during the 1800s by being the fortune teller to Napoleon.  They are a deck of 36 cards, deceptively simple, always practical and a pleasure to read.
In this course, Jean will cover the basic meanings of the symbols of each card, methods of card combinations, and a simple spread.  If time and interest allows, the Grande Tableau spread and methods for employing the Lenormand for spell work will also be discussed.

All students should have a Lenormand deck available for use during the class. Bernadette will have decks for sale in her store before Beltaine and at her booth during Beltaine.





9 th annual Beltane/Spring Festival

sponsored by Brid's Closet

at Palaia Vineyards April 30th 2016

This years presenters: Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone

Please print your receipt-it's your ticket/proof of purchase!  


Event Details

Brid's Closet 9th annual Beltane/Spring Festival

Sat. April 30th, 2016 - 9.00 am til 6pm?

Admission: $20/under 12 free Come and celebrate spring with us!

Dress in your renaissance. faire best! (fantasy, pirate, renaissance, fun)

Tarot readers, Dance the Maypole, Live entertainment, games of chance,

classes, music, belly dancing, tons of shopping and food from

our fine vendors, and so much more!!

Where: Palaia Vineyards
10 Sweet Clover Rd Highland Mills


Sponsored by Bernadette Montana of Brid's Closet

(845) 458-8726

Interested in vending or performing, call me at (845) 458-8726

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Last year's performers & vendors!

Bill Diamond Productions

brid's closet monster tv network

Raven and Stephanie Grimassi

Greenwood Magic & working w/Plant Spirits!

Courtney Weber

courtneyweber Brids Closet



Lilith Dorsey

Voodoo Myths and Magick 

Oseaana December

Honoring the Ancestors

Lynn Martin (Hawklynn)

Hawklynn Brids Closet

Hawk Messenger Workshop

Chandra Concepcion

Tina Vesley

bridscloset tina vesley

Deidra Catero

David C. Snowdeal

david snowdeal brids closet

Non-Denominational Pagan Leadership

Jean Setarah

jean brids closet



SisterMonk’s original music is female-powered, djembe-driven,&culturally diverse. Soulful vocals, danceable grooves & poetic lyrics have gained the band solid fan base from east to west coast.The band evokes the spirit & soul of the 60s while maintaining a distinct modern edge. They have been compared to the likes of Ani DiFranco, Rusted Root, Natalie Merchant, Mumford & Sons, Dead Can Dance. SisterMonk has shared the stage with such notable acts as Zap Mama, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Anoushka Shankar, Karl Denson Trio, Mario Batali, and more.,




brids closet InDaze

Members: Gage Weir - Lead Vox/Guitar,

Brennan Weir - Guitar/Backing Vox,

Michael Forsyth - Bass/Vox,

Jelm - Drums/Air Synth/Percussion/Backing Vox

Sounds Like: The Skints, Bob Marley, Sublime, SOJA, PASSAFIRE

Bio: InDaze is a New York City based Reggae/Rock band whose vibe is equal parts cool & versatility.

Fusing different styles into a solid groove, they provide fans with an energetic and unique “InDaze” experience.

So “Hold up your glasses, drink deeply and sweet!”  

We will have over 40 vendors this year!

This is an all ages event.  Just gets bigger every year! We encourage all to dress in your renaissance/Steampunk/fairy/creative best! 

We will again be at Palaia Vineyards, which will be serving their wonderful selection of wines AND their WORLD famous Pink Wine slushies, for you to purchase. 

$20 per person, 12 and under free.  Admission includes parking, entertainment, and workshops. 

Our Sponsors!

Brid's Closet-Palaia sign

bridscloset courtney weber schedule

brid's closet-vendors





Handmade Drums by Primal Percussions accessories and drums

They will be teaching an intro to drumming at the faire! Bring your own drums or you may try out of of their drums to drum on!


brid's closet maypole dance

maypole ddance brid's closet
brid's closet maypole dancing

A video of last years Beltane festival!


This year's Brochure 2014

Bridscloset Beltane 2014 inside

Bridscloset inside Beltane brochure 2014

Last Years Brochure 2013!

Brid's Closet Beltane brochure 2013

Brid's Closet inside brochure 2013

Last year brochure 2012

Brid's Closet Brochure2

 Some of our wonderful vendors!

Palaia vineyards-Their own brand of Wine & Mead

2 Black Cats-Spa treatments/candles

The Gossamer Goddess-wearable art

The Tipsy Turtle Henna Kayos Body art-Face & body paint/body jewelry

Tarot by Kristy


Alice English-jewelry

Primal Percussions

Horned Stone

Weathered Rock Studio

Silver Willow Leather

The Elizabeth Collection

Passion parties-adult and spa products

Crystals and Stuff

Great Sooth-rune readings

Bats in the Belfry

The Griffon's Claw

Lauren Oullette Tarot Readings

Lou Pizz0-cystals-handmade cards-stones

Spiritual Journeys-tarot readings

Eye of Newt BBQ

The Fairy Apothacary

Skandihooligan Designs

Something for Everyone

Roisin Designs

Stag and Crow Designs

The Coven of Haxon Sagan

The Cystal & Stone Experience

A touch of Glass and... Handmade

stained glass items

Sugar Mags Rags

Elisabeth Farone-Photography/jewelry

Robin McGuiness-handmade jewelry

Free Spirit Creations

Inspirations of Isis

Chuck Finfrock-cystals-readings

E.Labarca-message therapy

Spiritual awakenings

Wendy Forte-handmade jewelry

Bats in the Belfry 45

Iris rainbow things

Spiritual awakenings

Backwoods Woodworks

Luna Grown Jam  

Handmade by Barbra


ann marie bus card Brids Closet

brids closet tarot by kristy

brids closet primal percussions

brids closet carlys passion party

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